World's First Case of Angioscopic Sclerotherapy


Although this movie was filmed in 1989 (for the 10th World Congress of Phlebology, Strasbourg, France), it remains the peak of Phlebology Science to this day. How so? The Phlebologists of the world have chosen to turn to catheters which can neither "see" (i.e., no fiberoptic pathways for visualization) nor "hear" (i.e., no piezoelectric crystals for doppler-ultrasound). Furthermore, they have no injection channels. In other words, they are deaf, dumb and blind. The video you are about to see records a prototype procedure for what will most assuredly be the future of Phlebology, namely intelligent cathethers, which can perform precise blood-flow studies in situ, and perform super-selective therapeutic ablations under direct vision.


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